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Mad as a Hatter

(and just as mercurial)

8 June
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Hi. I'm Paul. Mostly, I use this to keep track of my friends and access certain LJ features, but I'm slowly expanding it with random stuff.

I'm (*sigh*) 33. A huge nerd. I haven't gotten nearly as far in life as I'd hoped/planned, but I try to make up for it with random silliness.

I'm into Sci-fi and Fantasy books and TV. (Except LoTR. Just cannot get into Tolkien.) Not into movies so much.

I tweet @hataroni. Here's an IAQ.

Knight of the Order Of The Seven Dragons.

Winner of the prestigious and exclusive catherinebruce "Awesomer than Cheese" award.

My friends are almost entirely female (except you, Dave, and some old college and HS buddies). Many of my female friends are young, interesting, and (often improbably) attractive, but unable to give themselves proper credit. None of them (for various reasons) are romantically compatible with me. I'm surrounded by cool, beautiful, but undatable women. It is my gift, it is my curse. (Seriously, am I on the Truman Show or something?)

Even more strangely, even though I'm a dog person, most of my friends (especially the closer ones) are cat people. It's baffling.

One thing I do share with my friends is insanity. In fact, if you're reasonably sane and/or normal, you are not allowed on my flist. Actually, sane/normal people in general scare me.

Friending: Friend me if you like. I'm always happy to make a new friend. I tend to be pretty easygoing, I think, and I don't often make FLocked posts. I may or may not friend you back, depending on how well I know you, how well we've gotten along, how well our interests line up, and whatever else seems relevant at the time. I do ask, however, that if you're going to friend me out of the blue, please take a sec to introduce yourself. It doesn't have to be anything major. Just leave a comment or something about who you are, how you found me, why you're friending me, and/or whatever seems relevant.

Also, feel free to unfriend me anytime. Again, it'd be nice to know why, but I know that can be harder than explaining why you'd want to add me. Of course, if you choose to unfriend me or if it just seems best, I'll most likely do the same. It's rare, but it happens. No hard feelings.

Other things which apply to me, as a general rule:

I'll answer just about any question you're willing to ask. (In fact, there's a place for it here.) Just don't ask me to break any confidences or anything like that.

I try to be as honest as possible in all things, and I prefer bluntness over politeness (within vaguely reasonable limits). Unless I'm obviously joking, I say what I mean, and I mean what I say.

I take things seriously when necessary, but I find that doing that too much can be hazardous to your health. I will joke about just about anything. I also have a strong natural predisposition to punning, and a complete inability to hold puns back once they pop to mind.

... And that's it for now. This thing is cobbled together as stuff occurs to me, and is probably woefully incomplete. Any (constructive) suggestions would be appreciated.
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